Adaptive Gymnastics

Goals of the Program

The adaptive gymnastics program at Perfection Gymnastics School has been developed to allow children of all abilities the chance to participate in the sport of gymnastics. The goal of the adaptive program is to provide children with gymnastics instruction that allows them to increase their strength, balance, coordination and self-confidence. The hope is that in time, they will be able to transition to our traditional recreational gymnastics program.

The adaptive gymnastics program is open to any child with a behavioral, communication and/or physical disability. Participation in a structured gymnastics program may lead to:

  • Improved fine and gross motor skills
  • Increased strength in the core and extremities
  • Improved balance
  • Improved behavior and state-regulation
  • Improved communication with peers and adults
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Improved motor planning and body awareness
Program Requirements

Prior to enrollment in the adaptive gymnastics program, all students will have an intake conference with the director of the special needs program. At this conference, the program director will review the student’s medical history, the family’s goals for participation in the gymnastics program and ways our staff can maximize your child’s participation in our programs. Recommendations for class placement will be made during this intake conference. The cost of the intake conference is $35 and is in lieu of the annual membership fee during the first year of program participation. Intake conferences may be scheduled by contacting

All students with a physical disability will be required to have documented physician release prior to enrolling in class. Following guidelines set forth by the Special Olympics, children with Down Syndrome must have proof of a cervical spine x-ray clearing them of atlantoaxial instability prior to participation in any gymnastics program.

Please note, children do not have to be ambulatory to participate in the program.


  • Preschool


    Pre-school adaptive gymnastics is open to any child aged 2 thru 5 years old. Children in this program will learn skills on all the vault, bars, balance beam and floor that will improve strength and coordination. Parent participation is required in all group classes within the adaptive pre-school gymnastics program.

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  • School-Age


    Adaptive gymnastics for the school-age child is open to children 6 years and older. Basic gymnastics skills on the vault, bars, balance beam and floor will be taught. Total body strengthening, flexibility and coordination will be emphasized across all levels of the program.

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