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Perfection Playground - Perfection Preschool Gymnastics

Preschool gymnastics classes are a great way for children to have fun while developing strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and muscle memory.

Our preschool gymnastics classes will incorporate cognitive, social and emotional, and fine/gross motor skill development including: rolling, jumping, climbing, exploring, listening, directional movement, colors, shapes, following directions and interacting with other children and adults. These classes are based on a 12 week curriculum that incorporates all on the major positions used in gymnastics development. The class will have the same lesson plan for two weeks that is centered around a particular body position. At the end of the 12 weeks, your instructor will do a skill evaluation for your child to let you know how he or she is doing in class.  This evaluation will reveal if your child is ready to advance to different level, or if their current class is the perfect fit for them.  For information on classes for children over the age of 5 (beginners through advanced), visit our recreational gymnastics page.
  • Developmental Baby Classes

    Developmental Baby Classes

    The baby classes at Perfection Gymnastics are for infants and toddlers aged 4 months through approximately 18 months. The focus is on gross and fine motor development along with parent-child bonding.

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  • Perfect Partners (1-3 Years Old)

    Perfect Partners (1-3 Years Old)

    Perfection’s Perfect Partners class is a great introduction to physical play in a safe environment for boys and girls ages 18 months - three years. Parent or Caretaker assistance is an integral part of this class, providing the child with both physical and emotional support.

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  • Little Explorers (3 Years Old)

    Little Explorers (3 Years Old)

    Perfection’s 3 Year Old class is open to boys and girls who are ready to venture into the gym and follow instruction without assistance.

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  • Adventurers (4-5 Years old)

    Adventurers (4-5 Years old)

    Perfection’s 4-5 Year Olds preschool class is designed to further enhance boys and girls' developing strength, coordination, agility and balance by introducing all of the major body positions utilized during gymnastics development.

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