Recreational Gymnastics Classes

Where children learn strong character and excellence through relationships and the sport of gymnastics.

Gymnastics Classes for children, ages 6 and up.

Perfection's Recreational Gymnastics classes introduce gymnastics skills on each of the 4 Olympic events: vault, bars, beam, and floor.  Our classes are part of a progression-based program where gymnasts master skills in a certain order to promote healthy progress.  These classes are based on a 12 week curriculum that incorporates all of the major positions used in gymnastics development. The class will have the same lesson plan for two weeks that is centered around a particular body position. At the end of the 12 weeks, your instructor will do a skill evaluation for your child to let you know how he or she is doing in class.  This evaluation will reveal if your child is ready to advance to different level, or if their current class is the perfect fit for them.  Visit Perfection today for a  FREE trial class! For information on classes for children under the age of 6, visit our Perfection Gymnastics Preschool Gymnastics Classes.

  • Bronze Gynmastics

    Bronze Gynmastics

    Our Bronze gymnastics class is a excellent way to introduce an aspiring gymnast to the sport. Classes cover new skills on all four events and help with fitness, balance, strength and coordination.

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  • Silver Gymnastics

    Silver Gymnastics

    Our Silver gymnastics class provides the next step up in gymnastics instruction. With additional time in the gym each week, athletes will learn new skills and build self-confidence.

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  • Gold Gymnastics

    Gold Gymnastics

    Our Gold gymnastics class is for the athletes who have mastered the basics in gymnastics on all four events and look forward to learning advanced skills with our safety-certified instructors.

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  • Platinum Gymnastics

    Platinum Gymnastics

    Our Platinum gymnastics class is for gymnasts who have mastered intermediate level gymnastics skills and are ready to work on upper-level skills with out safety-certified instructors.

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