Tumbling Classes

Our tumbling program allows students to learn proper progressions to be safe and successful tumblers! We provide instruction to cheerleaders, dancers and gymnasts who will use a trampoline, spring floors and soft landings to perfect their technique before showing off their skills on hard surfaces. Strength and flexibility exercises are a fundamental part of our program to allow our students to reach their full potential and, more importantly, to stay injury free.  Students in these classes will also have skill evaluations every 12 weeks.

  • Beginner Tumbling

    Beginner Tumbling

    Beginning Tumbling is a great introduction to the novice tumbler. The focus of this class is on mastering basic floor skills with proper form.

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  • Intermediate/Advanced Tumbling

    Intermediate/Advanced Tumbling

    Intermediate and Advanced Tumbling classes are for the seasoned tumbler. Pre-requisite skills must be shown to enroll in these upper-level tumbling classes.

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