Developmental Baby Classes

Gross and fine motor development along with parent-child bonding

The baby classes at Perfection Gymnastics are for infants and toddlers from crawling through approximately 18 months. The focus is on gross and fine motor development along with parent-child bonding.  The children spend a lot of time working on progressions that will get them “walking ready”. Through games and other social activities, they are able to explore the gym in a safe and fun environment.

Jungle Cruisers

These classes are designed for children who are independently crawling through approximately 18 months old. Jungle Cruisers class will give these active kids a fun environment in which to advance their motor skills. Balance, climbing, strength and introductory gymnastics skills will be addressed in the fun, interactive parent-child class. Children will be prepared to transition from this class to the Perfect Partners class.

Open to: Children independently crawling- 18 months
Class: 30 minutes/week
Monthly Tuition: $40/month

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