Gillian Rutz


Graduation Year: 2020 - Committed to Arkansas!
Coach Email:
Website/Youtube Channel: Link Here

honor roll, honor classes, GPA: 3.8
play the trumpet, gymnastics
Competed Skills: Yurchenko layout
Training Skills: Yurchenko full
Competed Skills: piroette shootover, giant free hip double back
Training Skills: blind full, tchatchev , free hip shootover, full out
Competed Skills: backhand layout, switch leap back tuck, wolf jump beat jump, full turn, round off double full
Training Skills: backhand lay lay, beat jump split 3/4, front ariel, round off 2 1/2
Competed Skills: 1 1/2 front layout, front full front pike, double full, switch leap popa, fan turn
Training Skills: double back, front lay rudi, 2 1/2 back twist, switch leap popa popa, tourjete front lay full