Ninja Class

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Perfection's Ninja Program

Ninja is a newer sport inspired by gymnastics, martial arts, and obstacle course training.  Our ninja classes are centered around discipline, centered focus, and skill. Students learn combinations of flips, rolls, jumps, and kicks on strength and agility courses.

Ninja class is a 60 minute class for boys and girls designed to enhance children’s strength, agility, conditioning, athletic performance, and confidence using a variety of “ninja warrior” style obstacles and gymnastic based skills.

Children will spend ½ of the class learning skills and practicing obstacles that will be used in a full obstacle course style run. Obstacle courses could include running, jumping over mats, crawling under mats, balance beam training, monkey bars, springboard jumping, rings, trampoline, rope climbing, hurdles and much more!

The second ½ of the class is devoted to developing strength. The children will do a variety of exercises each week that allows them to practice lifting their own body weight. For example- pull ups, push ups, chin ups, rope climbing, body weight suspension holds, monkey bar work, and core strengthening. Each class will have the main goal of bringing out your child’s inner ninja.

Classes are leveled by age with ninjas from 4-7 years old training as one group, and ninjas 8 and up in another.

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