Field Trips

Bring the whole group!

Field Trips at Perfection Gymnastics School are offered for daycares, parent groups, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, church groups, play groups and many other organizations! This is a great opportunity to incorporate physical education into any curriculum. We have a flexible schedule and can accomodate any size group. Our instructors are all USA Gymnastics safety certified and will provide professional instruction that meets the needs of all children based on their ability level.


Priced per Child depending on size of group

A field trip includes 1 hour of fun gym time with structured warm up, games and free time. Safety-trained instructors will organize warm up, games, show the equipment and supervise the gym.
5-10 Children - $9/child
11-15 Children - $8/child
16-20 Children - $7/child

Let us customize your event!

Our staff is available to organize a structured gymnastics class, group games, and/or supervised open playtime. A Parent Involvement class and game time may also be organized for groups with preschoolers.

Reserve your field trip today!

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